SwapTools changes for the better how people go about using hand-held tools.  We have created one universal hand-held stand-up or down Driver that has interchangeable, universally fitted, implements. 

Our design and method of operation is incomparable. So much so that it is patented as a means to weed with other patent pending features that apply to other uses and in other industries, including home and facility cleaning and maintenance and painting.

Here is our story and the impact SwapTools will have in the world of hand-held tools. 


The SwapTool™ is a patented, holistically designed, dual-handled, resizeable, hand-held stand-up or kneeling tool with interchangeable implements including the ForQ™ Weeder and the Myriad™.  

We call the main body of the SwapTool, the Driver. Implements interchangeably can be swapped in and out of the SwapTool Driver base. This way one handle is universal to all implements. 

The SwapTool, currently used for gardening, allows users of the ForQ to near effortlessly generate rotational and lifting speed to elevate weeds and other sub-surface debris up and out of the soil. All one does is drive and "Just Lift it when you Twist it™. 

The Myriad implement, adapted from what is thought to be a 6,500 year old design out of the region now called Korea, serves multiple gardening task needs. 

SwapTools efficiency increases yield and reduces risks of biomechanical stress and exhaustion. Seamless interaction between the T-joint, AXiom™ side-handle and Diamond Handle™ allows the user to toggle the tool to enhance control, guidance and maneuverability.

Use of the tool at an approximate 45° angle optimizes good posture and harmonious interaction with the human biomechanical system. Grips for the Diamond Handle and Axiom side-handle feel like you have your hands wrapped around a luxury car steering wheel. 

The break-through AXiom side-handle also detaches to become a short-handle tool that can plug and play with all SwapTools implements. Shaped much like an axe handle end, the AXiom hugs the users hand for optimal safety, grip, and comfort. 

Think of the SwapTool as two drivers in one with universally fitting multiple implements for both. This feature, unique to other conventional tools,  makes the tool a "two for the price of one" value.  

The SwapTools Story

Tom Sagehorn, Founder, Shares Features,  Benefits and SwapTools in Action 

The SwapTool


Five Big Problems with Conventional Tools

Strain, Pain and Even Injury

Conventional hand-held tools (for example, shovels, rakes and hoes)  with long or short shaft/handles, can be the source of fatigue, strain, pain and even injury (Pain) because of tool shaft  design.  

Simply put, they are long sticks with implements typically attached. The implements work fine. We believe it's our invention in handle or shaft design that mitigates against the risk of  pain and frustrations associated with conventional tool use. 

Conventional  tool handles and grips often make us work in ways that are not natural to our biomechanical systems. Fingers, wrists, hands, arms and the entire body are needlessly stressed because of the multiple angles tools force our bodies to work.  

They can also force us to work with bad posture and this stresses the body, particularly the spine. 

Clutter and Stress

The average home size is getting smaller. Space is at a premium.  Yet D.I.Y.'ers and gardening enthusiasts often own a dozen or more tools, many serving overlapping purposes, and all that are only occasionally used. All  of these tools take up valuable space. 

Clutter needlessly takes up space that either isn't needed or could be used for other purposes. 

Worse, a UCLA study indicates that clutter leads to stress and even depression. The World Health Organization states that stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century. 

And yet, gardening is considered one of the best ways to de-stress.  But when we garden with conventional tools, it can lead to Pain. This increases stress. And when our garages are full of tools stacked against walls or in a corner, this is stressful.  

Would anybody knowingly use tools that stress them when they are trying to de-stress? 


Use of multiple conventional tools, many of which have overlapping uses, means we must change tools regularly. With each change, each tool puts the body in a different position. We pick up one tool, use it, put it down and use another. . 

This is inefficient.

We could spend more time gardening, but many don't because of fatigue and frustration going back and forth to grab another tool. And we slow down because we get tired. 

Work done over longer periods of times but with less work completed means yield drops.

We believe, conventional tools unnecessarily make the user do more of the hard work than the tool.  

Irrational Spending

 When we buy way more tools than necessary to get the job done, it means we have spent more money than necessary. And with all the tools stored and cluttering garages, this is the same as  cash sitting on on the floor of your garage. 

This is wasted money. It's not done intentionally. It's done unknowingly. This is  because people buy familiar things in familiar places to do familiar thing the way they have been conditioned to go about buying and using garden tools. 

In short, we've been tooled and fooled.

No one is to blame. It just took SwapTools invention to alter convention. 

And it's done because people have been led to believe that they need a separate tool to do every separate gardening task. 


As we age, typically, people become more inflexible or immobile. Others have physical limitations that go beyond experiencing pain - they simply cannot put their bodies in a position by any means to use conventional tools. 

Once again, the culprit is conventional tool and handle design. In effect many are excluded by design alone.  

Two psyiastrists we consulted with said that people who have become immobile or inflexible miss gardening the most. 

Exclusion by design. No one is to blame. 

It's just that until now, no one thought of a new way to access the shut door. 

SwapTool solutions To the Big Five problems

Ergonomics by Design


The SwapTool has been designed to mitigate against wrist deviation so that the hand and forearm remain in alignment. The design structure and means of operating the SwapTool induces alignment of tool to biomechanical systems.

The user remains in good posture when using the tool in long-handled mode. 

When the AXiom side handle is used as a short-handled too, design and proper use keeps wrists and arm in alignment. 

 The Diamond Handle and Axiom Side Handle shape and cushioned grips noticeably soften the blow on hands from pressure. They fit the hand like a glove. 

This is the secret we share from design on how to bring enjoyment to gardening tasks. 

Reduce Clutter and Stress


With the SwapTool you have one Driver and many more implements that can be interchangeably used with this one Driver. 

With our The SwapTool tote bag, the SwapTool and all Implements occupy a total of only 3 cubic square feet.  

Think of it - one small tote bag to carry just 4 tools that can serve 30+ gardening tasks. This makes gardening become what it's meant to be - a way to beautify your gardens and help people stress less. 

It is thought that the monetary cost of stress and depression experienced by workers sets American business; back to the tune of 300 Billion Dollars. 

There are so many more profoundly complicated reasons why people get stressed and depressed. We are not so presumptuous to think that we put any more than a  small  dent in the sources of stress. 

But we have done what we can in our small way that is actually big in the world of tools. 

Create Efficiency


One Driver, multiple small implements. The Driver is always with you and all the implements a step away. 

As a standing tool, using two handles to spread the load of pressure on the body, SwapTools design and rotational action of the entire tool at slight turns of the arm and hand, complete tasks in brief bursts of activity.

From this, yield and speed of time to complete tasks improves. Risk of fatigue is reduced so more work can be done in less time than otherwise. 

At SwapTools, we believe our tool does most of the hard work, not the user. 

Rational Spending


Our study indicated that the average good quality long handled tool costs $26. The average good quality short-handled tool cost approximately $10. 

If a person has 10 long handled tools and 10 short handled tools, the average total spend is approximately $360. 

SwapTools has one Driver and 4 interchangeable implements combining for 30 + uses. 

It's true that we have not set our price. But we can confidently say the SwapTools price-value will be incomparable. Rational spending is just around the corner.



Cushioned hand grips fit like a glove.

Ergonomic Design.

Extendable Length.

Two handles to Spread Load means more power with less exertion.

No need to carry unwieldy tools around.

We believe we have opened up gardening to millions of people who have in the past been excluded by design and convention alone. 

SwapTool Features

Swapable Implements

We currently have 4 interchangeable implements. 

The ForQ Weeder

The Myriad

Garden Shrub Rake

Tree Branch Saw

Dozens more attachable implements are in the planning process, including those for use in home and facility cleaning and maintenance, painting and resurfacing and uses in other industries.

2 Cushioned Handles

Both handles cushion and spread load required of the user. This increases power without unnecessarily stressing the body. 

We think you will agree that SwapTool hand grips are incomparable.  Our wraps are highly shock-absorbing, soft, durable and fade and wear resistant.

AXiom Side Handle

The AXiom design has led to a more comfortable and more powerful handle than conventional straight handles. It too is wrapped for comfort like the Diamond Handle. 

We believe we are the first to use a similar type axe handle contour that is rapidly gaining popularity and preference in professional baseball.  

The AXiom connects to a T-joint within which the entire tool rotates for guidance, control and to create better body to tool alignment.

Customizable Length

Height is not the issue when determining what constitutes a long-handled tool. It's the length of arms and distance of the hands to ground level. 

Many tools profess to be stand-up tools but in actual use they induce poor posture and biomechanically unsound positioning.

Our tool design results in a user always being able to adjust length to the exact length for the span of the hands in proper position for use of the tool at the 45 degree angle from hands to the ground. 


The SwapTool T-Joint and channel is key to guidance, control and rotation channel for the entire tool. The T-Joint has a locking system that can firmly grip the upper shaft for the preferred position on the shaft for hands gripping the side-handle.  

It controls and aligns movement of the entire tool for alignment of the body of the user and tool to one another. 

The T-Joint can also be loosened from the upper shaft to slide freely up and down the shaft, contained within the channel. This allows for a body and tool alignment even when doing such tasks as sawing a tree branch. 

Quick Spin Locks

Telescoping poles often take a long time to tighten and loosen and can unnecessarily strain hands and forearms. And, when not tightened properly, a telescoping pole can collapse jeopardizing user safety.

With an easy 1” twist of our Quick Twist Locks, a user loosens or tightens components for stable inter-connectivity of tool components. . 

Trade Shows


Successful 2019 National Hardware Show

We want to thank the many people who took the time to visit and take an interest in us at our Inventors Spotlight booth at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. 

The educational programs were enlightening and practical. Tom was honored to pitch the SwapTools invention at the "Think You Have The Next Best Thing" session. Industry leaders sat on the panel and we received favorable comments and great advice. 

National Lawn and Garden Show

This important event is being held from June 11 to June 12

at the Hilton St. Louis Ballpark, Missouri.

Swapable Implements


Tine span mitigate against severing weed roots. Shape boosts instantaneous lift of a weed or debris

Wide tine span at a 90 degree interior angle mitigates against severing weed roots. 

The angular, winged prong shape boosts near instantaneous lift of a weed or debris out of the soil.

We like to say, the ForQ innovation does for weeding what the break-through Big Bertha golf driver did for golfers. 

The Myriad


 It’s triangular and cupped blade harkens that of an implement dating back 6,500 years used by people who farmed in a region now called Korea.

The Myriad can be put to a remarkable 8+ gardening uses. 

Shrub Rake


Just the right width for clearing out leaves, twigs, pulled weeds and other debris from garden beds. 

The toggling feature, right-sized length and and toogling feature of the Swaptool makes it easy to guide and maneuver in and and around tight and gnarly areas.

Tree Branch Saw


Think about the challenges in use of top-heavy and unstable conventional branch sawing and cutting tools. Some are are top heavy, unwieldy and users must pull rope.

The SwapTool T-Joint can be loosened to allow the shaft and attached branch saw to smoothly slide back and forth in a highly controlled and guidable manner. 

One hand pulls the cushioned, axe-handled Axiom Side Handle down for pressure on the branch. The other hand, gripping the cushioned Diamond Handle, creates powerful cutting action.

Detachable Handle


Shown here connected to the Myriad, the Axiom Handle is detachable from the T-joint to serve as a short-handled tool that is universal to all SwapTool Implements. 

About Us

Tom Sagehorn, Founder and CEO


From his first job out of law school, Tom has been committed to growth, innovation and leadership in the world of well-known multi-unit chains.

His  career arc, in part, took off when his seminal articles about the future of franchising, first published in Nation's Restaurant News, spun off into numerous other industry publications. 

After graduation from Stanford University and SMU Law School, Tom served in leadership roles with the likes of LaQuinta, Taco Cabana, Fogo de Chao and Stewart Title Company where he served as Group President.

Following his career in the corporate world, he has channeled his creative and entrepreneurial spirit in the world of invention. 

One of his favorite movie lines? Pookie in the "Walk of Shame":

"Oh, and Meghan Miles? ... Be well".

Rick Squire, Chief Marketing Officer


As a live-action commercial producer/director in the television show and film promotion business, Rick has produced shows that have won multiple Clio and Promax Gold awards.  

At Planet 3 Films he produced and directed numerous launch campaigns for some of the biggest box office hits of all time. At Fox Broadcasting, he launched such hit shows as “24”, “American Idol”, “That 70’s Show” and “Malcolm in the Middle”.

Highly collaborative and creative, Rick is a graduate of the USC School of Film and Television. He brings his experience and talent to SwapTools in marketing, messaging, sales channels, relationship building and branding, with his eye keenly focused on the viewer - our fans.

His favorite tagline? From the movie "Alien":


"In space, no one can hear you scream."


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